Thursday, 18 May 2017


For a week this summer (7/7/17) wiaiwya  will be releasing a 77 minute long song every day from 7 different artists to benefit Médecins Sans Frontières - the plan is to raise £7777. The Hardy Tree has contributed a 77 minute track to the project. Releases will be available as very limited CDs (49 copies) or as downloads and posters. The release schedule is staggered, if you want to pre-order all 7 CDs, downloads or posters you can do that now. 10 copies of The Hardy Tree CD will be available to pre-order on the 16/06/17, with the remaining CDs, downloads and posters being available from the 13/07/17. 

"77 was an excuse to play around and try some new things out. An exercise in not being too precious, to drop the concepts and just experiment. ‘Sketches in D minor’  follows one chord progression taking its starting point as a sequenced Moog, it speeds up and slows down, it grows and changes, string machines, Mellotron sounds, vibes and glockenspiel’s weave in and out.  I played with some new equipment, I learned some stuff, and I hope along with all the trial and error have managed to create something appealing "


Stagdale by Frances Castle/The Hardy Tree Book, Badge and Download. £9.99 Stagdale is a graphic short story and three track ...